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I confirmed tonight that this formula works. I used the triethanolamine version and developed 35mm Fomapan 200 (Arista.EDU Ultra 200, exposed at EI 160 in my Yashica GSN) for 6 mins at 20C (the recommended time for stock XTOL). Continuous agitation for the first minute, four inversions per minute thereafter.

The results are quite nice. There is a lot of shadow detail, but 6' may be a tad too long. The real proof of the pudding, of course, will be in the printing/scanning.
Great Jordan, about 3 years ago in an Ascorbic Acid/Phenidone paper developer experiment, I found that I could dissolve a substantial amount of AA and Phenidone in Triethanolamine - then I reduced the viscosity of the mixture by adding Propylene Glycol to the mixture.

This is analgous to what Pat Gainer did in the summer of 2006 when he collaborated with Sandy King on the Pyrocat-MC formulation. In that example, Pat dissolved Metol and Ascorbic Acid and a very small amount of water in a small amount of Triethanolamine. To this mixture, he added Propylene Glycol and Pyrocatechol. It worked very well.