Hi Jim,

You have many fine 8x10 cameras to choose from.
I myself use a 1890 ROC Carlton Camera that i found at a swap meet and it was too nice to pass up. I restored it and use it with joy. It folds up to be very similar to deardorff and other field cameras.

Speaking of deardorffs they are nice cameras too if weren't abused. There are many on Ebay any time. Prices go around $1200 for nice condition ones and 800 900 for beat up ones.

If campactness is not necessery, look for Kodak No2D camera in 8x10. They are very nice and functional.

If you decide to buy new you have many options like wisner, tachihara, Shen hao, wista, canham, lotus gandolfi, ebony.
I beleive tachihara and shen hao are reasonably priced and you can buy lenses film or film holders with the rest of your money.
Dont go cheap on the tripod either.. you need a sturdy one.
I personally use a surveyors tripod and am extremely happy with it. i got it for $90Cad.

8x10 is great fun. you will love it