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If you plan on doing any hiking at all, get a field camera.

I have an old Burke & James with the battleship gray paint and the red bellows. It is sturdy (robust might actually be a better word) and will last longer than I will, but it is not a joy to carry around. It does have a reducing back, so I can shoot 4x5 as well as 8x10. I've never tried 120 roll film, but come to think of it......
As the old saying goes "if its more than 50 feet from the car, it's not photogenic.."

The roll film back one was kind of funny, wish I had a photo of us doing it.. Anyway, old grey B&J, 5x4 reducing back, one of those slip under the ground glass 6x12 holders and my 24 inch lens. You see, the photographer whos 6x12 back it was needed a long (read 24 inch) lens and, 1) he didn't have enough bellows draw, 2) try sticking a bloody great 24 inch artar on the front of a Horseman camera.... Worked well, he was happy, his client was more than happy, he got paid, we all had a laugh and I got a nice lunch.