Oooooh, OK. I definitely need to clarify here.

I am always really happy when I hear other people say that my work has in some way inspired them, or moved them to capture similar moments. That's a GOOD thing. I am not in the least bothered by that. In fact, I spend a great deal of time promoting that type of photography and helping people achieve it.

It's just frustrating to me when I see patterns of repeated attempts to duplicate shots I've done. Certainly there are bound to be times when an image of mine will coincidentally resemble an image of someone else's -- it's unavoidable. It'll happen. But I've had times, particularly over the past two years, where every image I share is immediately reproduced as closely a possible by several people, who may or may not mention my image. That's what has gotten a little annoying to me over time.

I try not to be overly sensitive, because I'm very aware that there is a finite number of ways to photograph something/someone. Coincidences happen. And I don't mind emulation as a form of learning. It's the patterns, and in some cases the monetary profit from the emulation, that I sometimes allow to get to me.

Now, the out-and-out text stealing is another thing entirely!

Hope that clears things up a bit.