Since I was a child, Thanksgiving has been my favorite day of the year. When I was growing up back east, my parents house seemed to expand exponentially to accommodate far-flung siblings and other branches of the family tree.

Many of us worked in a local restaurant, and so, two dinners occured. One on the traditional Thursday while my siblings and I all served up families dining out at the restaurant on the holiday, and our own family dinner the following night. At the restaurant and at home the next evening, there always seemed to be a different energy that only this holiday seems to muster.

While other holidays are so often lost in the glitz and glitter, IMO this one has managed to stay true to its original intent.

We give thanks to the bounties of the year and share space with our closest kin, and remember the warmth of those who aren't able to join us.

So, as my wife and I sit down to my favorite meal with close friends later this week, I'll raise a toast to this community, too. One of thanks and of best wishes for you and all who you hold dear.