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I guess what has me worried in this thread is that now it seems pretty gray to me how much portraiture I can do in natural light, with non-PPA posing (or not posing at all), capturing what I see as a portrait of who someone is rather than just what they look like before someone else in the same school might be offended that I'm ripping them off.

How do you guys approach your sessions? What do you do to ensure appropriate artistic distance between your work and what's gone before (or after, for that matter).
I'v visited your web site. Fine - damn FINE! work there.

I would NOT worry about a reaction from someone else. You are doing your OWN work .. be it derived from whatever source... and that is all that matters.

I approach my work ... first, by "a clearing of the mind process" - I like to work from, more or less, a conscious blank sheet. Note "conscious" - the sub- or pre- conscious will be there.
I feel that there must be a - I'd call it an aesthetic link - between the photographer and the subject, when both are working on the same frequency. This is much more easily achieved by being open to the being of the model.
This sounds awfully artsy-fartsy - it is simply "shutting up and LISTENING! - When one listens, and reacts naturally - possibly a better description would be "fluidly" -, the chances of producing meaningful work are greatly enhanced.