I have been asked if I can take a couple of photographs for an exhibition using an old whole-plate camera. The camera was used around 1895 - 1905 to shoot two dozen glass negatives from which I have made prints that will form the central part of the exhibition.

The challenges I have are in (a) sourcing film, though I guess I can cut down some sheets of 10" x 8" Ilford or Efke (Adox) material, and (b) getting the film to lie flat and in the correct plane to ensure sharp focus (the glass negatives are 2mm). I am hoping to get by with some quick temporary mods to the existing plate holders rather than having to make something from scratch for film but since I haven't yet had an opportunity to examine the kit I don't yet know what I'm going to find.

I haven't been down this road before and would welcome observations from anyone who has!

With thanks,

Andrew McIntyre.