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In the US pornograpy, unless it depicts minors, is legal. Obscenity is what is illegal. Many do not see a distinction and it causes problems. Show an image in one city or town and you are fine. Show it in another and you are arrested and charged with whatever they can come up with. In Provo, Utah you might be charged with crimes against 'community standards' for showing your photo while the local Marriott Hotel pushes in-room 'adult' movies.(and J.Willard Marriott who started them is a Mormon). But, you get caught because the local DA sees you are an easy target while Marriott corp has money and lawyers.

As long as it doesn't legally qualify as obscene, print or publish it. I dont' have to look if I don't want to.
Yep and the example is again about Mormons. Why is there a need to under lie this whole thread with bashing Mormons? Other religions do the same thing. Especially in the South. Try Franklin Tennessee. You might be surprised what the Southern Baptists do there. I know it well having worked at the Barnes and Noble's at Coolsprings. Yet not one of you in this thread want to bash any other religion than Mormons. Yeah I will believe your crap when you speak from a view point of including all who do not like PORNography. I as a woman not as a mormon do not like it. Too many of those images say they are depicitng women artistically when it is only for one purpose they were taken. Now before you all get your g strings in a twist, I have nothing against nudes. In fact issue #2 of Emulsion has a nude on the cover. If I was against nudity I would not have it in my magazine, espeically not on the cover.

Now for another thought in this whole debate, what about people who think that the only real photography is of people? What about landscape photographers who think that taking people pictures is not artistic. You have individuals here that like different things, and abhor others. It is the same with nudity in all it's forms. Some will like it, and other abhor it. As a community we have varied ethnoticities from around the world. Many of those other ethnic groups do not like nudity in any form. Yet some of us here think we should push it in their faces to make them conform to a small group because we are better than they are? What you forget is it is a community of varied backgrounds, religions/or not, and cultural taboos. All that was ever asked is that the nudes not pop up in thunbnails on the home page, and that like the critique gallery, there be a seperate gallery for nudes in all their forms. It is not censorship it is being mindful of other peoples culture/taboos/relgion/likes-dislikes what ever it be. I'll still look at the nudes no matter if they are in a seperate gallery. Yeah shocking the mormon looks at nudes.