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The purely commercial does not exclude it from being art, nor do I agree with your definition of what is pornographic. I'm pretty sure being a 'whore' does not preclude you from being an artist or your work from being art. I am really sure that 'expression(s) of our humanity' are not always beautiful to observe.
I won't disagree with you, but I need to clarify that any artist that makes money is not necesseraly a "whore" or his artwork pornography, but most often when the only and I mean the only goal of production is money, what you have is not of any artistic value. This comes from my observation, its not a theory or a rule. After all I stayed that is my own personal viewpoint and part of it is the literal interpretation of the two greek words.
Considering the last line, I don't mind things that aren't beautiful. Eroticism can be crude, violent and disturbing as it is in reallity. I don't restrict art only to pleasant and happy themes, I can take a bit of ugliness.