Why do men like looking at attractive women or pictures of attractive women? The choices seem to be either A) God is responsible, or B) mother nature is responsible. If A), why would God make us the way we are but nontheless hold that it's naughty for us to lust after women? That's just plain mean, and being plain mean is incompatible with an entity's being omnipotent, omniscient and omni-benevolent. Hence that's not something that God would do. So if God exists, and granted that men are randy, it follows that God wouldn't think that our lusting after attractive women is naughty. If God wouldn't think it's naughty, it would be a bit presumptuous for someone else to think so. If B), then we are the way we are because horny/randy people were more likely to reproduce, and so those traits were selected for over millions of years. Morever, if B), then God doesn't exist (because otherwise he/she would be responsible), and so religious arguments against lusty images/behavior are moot. But if there aren't any justifiable religious premises such that lusty behavior is inherently immoral, then there would have to be some other basis for these claims, or they would be unsupported. The only other basis for morality in this cause would be harm or benefit. So is there more overall harm or benefit in men lusting after women, which in turn leads to them lusting after pictures of women? I suggest that if this wouldn't be the case, humanity wouldn't survive very long, which would be a shame. Thus, since either God or Mother Nature is responsible for men lusting after attractive woman (and pictures of attractive women), and these exhaust the available options; and since it follows from both options that men's lusting after women is ok, then it follows that men's lusting after women is ok. Since it follows that if something is ok that whatever it entails is also ok, then it follows that men's lusting after pictures of attractive women is ok. If men's lusting after pictures of attractive women is ok, then it would be odd if making such pictures was not ok.