You might be surprised how well the cheap 28-80G kit lens that comes with the F80 kit performs. My first F80 had one, and the N75 I have now has one. That's what I use with it. It seems like a very lightly built lens, compared to more expensive Nikkors, and certainly Nikkors of manual days, but, it a surprisingly good performer, and it keeps the F80/lens combination pretty light. I can post pictures I've taken with it if you like. If it were me, I would seriously consider the kit that includes the camera, the 28-80G and the 70-300G, plus I would get the 50mm 1.8D for when I need faster. That covers a lot of territory without breaking the bank. Alternatively, for a more expensive lens set, my choice would be the 24-85G AFS zoom, the 70-300D zoom, and if you want wider coverage, maybe either a wider prime or the 18-35 zoom. Of course, another option would be Nikkor primes. I had a 24/2.8D, a 35, a 50 and an 85/1.8. I loved the 85 and the 24, particularly. Also, for those with lots of money to spend, there are the much more expensive Nikkor pro zooms.
P.S. I really don't think you can go wrong with an F/N80.