Shhhhh Michael, you weren't supposed to give away the answer

(On a related note, why is it that few people (Taliban notwithstanding) bother to scrupulously follow the Bible's counsel to stone witches and adulterers etc? Could it be because people feel that they have some more "humane" inclination? Are they positioning themselves and their choices as more moral than the God who ordered them to kill? (Or to keep it tenuously connected to the thread, perhaps ordered them to marry a 12-year-old as their second or fourth wife?)

(And lest people feel I'm picking merely on ol' Yahweh, who at this point should be old enough to take care of himself, there are plenty of similar conflicted-ethics problems in most other supernatural belief systems)

Here's an On-Topic Bit:

Is "Artistic Pornography" the same as "Pornographic Art"? (Are they both simply absurdities?)