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Actually, it was Rockland Colloid that informed me about tricarbocyanine dyes. Both their Ag-plus and Liquid light products will accept this dye for IR sensitization, IF anyone wants to try it out. Mr. Ryuji (who posts on this forum) put me on the path toward IR dyes. I know nothing, and have not tried any.
That's not surprising. I've used that dye with bromide emulsions of various iodide content and structures and it works pretty well.

It seems that there is enough interest in IR sensitizing existing emulsions. I may consider making a page on this topic on my site when I have time to put the act together...

If you shoot 4x5 size, one thing you can do to make your life easier is to use hanger and tank to dye the film. If you make 4x5 plates you can do the same. Or you can make use of Fred Picker slosher type apparatus.