I have a series of LF negatives of Black Iris & Poppy Pods that I would like to contact print using the pigments and photosensitive resins of the respective plants. I believe that the liquid pigment from the Black Iris has some wonderful potential as when it mixed with solutions of varying pH it reveals a spectrum from pale yellow through the greens & blues to deep purple/black. The poppy resin also has some interesting qualities when first collected and applied immediately to a paper substrate it is clear but upon exposure to UV light it turns a rich dark umber. As the resin from the poppy is a photosensitive alkaloid it may be compatible in tandem with some of the other alt processes... any ideas?

I believe that the use of plant pigments and resins have been used in emulsions in the past but I can find very little information. As I have very little of the raw materials for experimentation (only 2 cups of the iris pigment and cup of the clear latex (collected at night and kept in the dark). I would appreciate any references, published data or formulas that would assist me in making a few prints.

Cheers & Thanks,