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A friend handed me a package of Hypo Clearing Agent. He told me it would reduce my water usage to a minimum, as it reduces wash time to minutes. This sounded pretty appealing to me, as my wash time normally is 20-30 minutes. Water is such a precious commodity.
Excited I developed a roll of APX 25, and decided to try the Hypo out. When I took the roll off the reel, for the first time ever I had a completely clear film base. This was surprising to me, as I have been used to my negatives being a certain way for so long.

- Thomas

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Thomas, I think you misunderstood your friends use of Hypo Clearing Agent. It is not Hypo, as it is not a fixer. The purpose of HCA is to remove excess hypo to aid in reducing wash times. You would fix film/paper like you always do, then rinse, then place in HCA for x amount of time, then wash. Do a search on HCA or Hypo Clearing Agent, to find more info on times, etc.

Good luck.