Hi all,

thank you for your answers. I have developed the film as I normally do.
1. Rodinal
2. Water rinse ~ 2min (instead of stop bath)
3. Fix ~ 2min 30sec
4. Water rinse ~ 30sec
5. Hypo Clearing Agent ~ 5min
6. Water rinse ~ 3 min
7. Photo Flo
8. Dry film over a humidifier

Everything as normal except for a shorter rinse and the added Hypo Clearing bath.

As 'Jdef' suggested, the clear film base is normal. Yes, other than that the negs look about normal. They will probably print differently, I suspect I will need to reduce contrast some - which is not at all something I want to deal with.

'Tom Hoskinson' - you suggested that all I need to do is to wash out the agent. Does that mean that HCA is a bad thing that will limit the archival qualities of the film, or does it simply mean that I have an easy job ahead of me washing that out instead of
washing all of the fixer out?

Apart from all this - would the sole benefit of HCA be to rid the fixer from the emulsion quicker than a water bath? Or are there other benefits as well? (I realize that some people perhaps like the totally clear film base, so for them that would be a benefit).

Thanks everyone,

- Thomas

Saint Paul, MN