If such remarks make people reluctant to express an opinion on APUG that is based upon their own beliefs because others wish to challenge them, to examine deeply, then such stifling of opinion seems to me to be outside of what APUG is for and such remarks are best saved for the soapbox.

Such activities I believe would be better spent on a website that has as its intent the examination of religious thought.

It may also be said that when it comes to matters of belief that science and logic are not at their heart. Is it our duty here to counteract and to provoke those that believe differently than do we? Should Aggie feel that membership in a photographic forum puts herself in the position of listening to attacks against, or having to defend, her religious beliefs?

If in the case of pornography if I were to say that I consider pornorgraphy to be an abhorrence, that I personally am deeply offended by it, what is to be gained by taking issue with me? Why not just concede me the right to feel that way. Why not settle for stating your own view?

If you feel that all of the major religions have foundations of bullshit so be it.