I'm in a bit of a quandary on where to go from here.

As you all know, I do lots of candid, on-location portraits, primarily of kids (read: moving targets). My vision has gotten sufficiently awful that I am going to have to give up on MF for these clients soon, because I cannot manage the manual focus. (My vision is estimated at 20/4000 or so, and can't be fully corrected.) I need autofocus, but I hate printing those tiny 35mm negs.

For those of you who have MF autofocus cameras (particularly Mamiya) what can you tell me about the autofocus? I've heard that it's way too slow and noisy, but have also heard that it's been greatly improved in the past few years. It's a scary decision for me, because I'd have to unload both my Bronica and my Canon 35mm to fund it, and I have to be sure I could do what I need with it.

I do intend to borrow one from my local camera store in the next week or so, if possible, but it's tough to get a really good feel for the camera in an afternoon.

Thanks in advance.

- CJ