I've always marvelled at 'people' photographs. No, perhaps that's not it. I think what really impresses me are the people that understand how to photograph people.

To have the ability to get people to open up is a precious gift, one that I don't think I have. 'Course, I've never really tried, but I don't think I have the personality that would allow me to get into the mode required to photograph people.

I think that's why I photograph the exclusion of people. As long as their ain't no people, it's a scene to be photographed :rolleyes:

I know I've mentioned his name before (and more than once), but Ray McSavaney makes some wonderful photographs of people from the LA area. Simply stunning stuff. Seeing his photographs, and seeing the work that Cheryl does is almost enough to get me to setup my tripod and 4x5 downtown...

I just may give it a try.