It is apparent that what I have written is easily misread.
Certainly, I intended to muzzle nobody. My statement is more intended as to whether an activity is worthy of being done and is constructive. I can believe what I may you. When someone says that their belief as a matter of faith makes something permissible... or the contrary... what is to be gained by a deep examination of their beliefs? In particular, what would be gained by rag on, ridicule or lambast someone that has beliefs different then our own? Would it not suffice to say "I understand your viewpoint and I am not in agreement. My view is xxxxxxxx." Both parties have stated their views. What is served with a deep examination of one's beliefs in a photgraphic forum? The parties have stated their ethics and philosophies relative to a photography situation.
People understand one another's views. I would not move to prevent someone from making a closer examination but I would question the advisablity of doing so. Certainly, there is no good in my saying "your beliefs are bullshit." It becomes no better by my saying "Here is BS that make up the foundation of your faith. xxxxxxxxxxxx."

I do apologize for writing unclearly.