I agree and disagree with Claire. I agree to the extent that little is to be gained by coaching one's positions or questions in offensive language. Instead of saying, "That's Bullshit!", or similar, it would behoove one to instead ask polite questions, along the lines of "If you believe..., what about ...?" Socratic questioning is much more effective at producing effective dialoque than coarseness or dismissiveness. On the other hand, we are adults, most of us anyway, and as rational people we should care about whether what we say is true. And the best way to do this is to discuss the matter with other reasonable people, especially if they don't agree with us. If people are too sensitive to really discuss issues, then they really shouldn't post their opinion publicly, especially on controversial matters. That's a shame, though. A quick look at public discourse shows that we need more decent, rational discussion of values (or other important matters) rather than less. For example, many people base public policy on their religious and ethical values. That alone is a good reason to examine them regularly.