I am a great fan of Bullock and have thought about posting an image. I put it off hoping someone else would have a take on his work. Thanks Carl for posting.

This image is one that can carry on a dialogue with the viewer that can evolve over the years. Being marrried with two daughters, this image has come to represent the bond between child and mother that while always present becomes more and more tenuous with time.

We usually think in terms of a child being dependent on the mother, but the relationship also goes the other way. A mother is dependent on the child to make her complete, and yet from the day of birth the destiny of the child is to be seperate from the mother.

The title, Navigation Without Numbers makes me think of the child while dependent on the mother for near term survival and nurturing already has all the data needed to chart its own course.

Now the great thing about such images is that if someone revisits this image a year form now I might have a new idea or insight that is totally different. But whatever I think, I will always consider it a classic image of the last century.