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I'm sure the Fates would deem that out of date APX 25 developed in really old Rodinal is the perfect combination
How did you know that ?! The film was APX25 with an expiry date of 07/97. The developer was Rodinal with a batch number of 76393 and I marked on the box "started 24th June,1997. In fact it had lain idle for so long that the residual developer from the initial use had stuck to the cap and there was a real risk that I might have to throw the bottle away as the cap would not budge. One of those press down and twist caps where it is difficult to get a good purchase. My son tried also and it was only by the application of hot water to the cap that I got it undone. I used a dilution of 1:100 for a partial stand of 20 minutes, agitating for 10 seconds every 3 minutes. (see how all this talk about partial stand and Pyrocat has influenced me) after a pre-soak of 2 minutes. The pre-soak water came out black and I dare not mention what colour the used developer was. Hypam fix after two plain water rinses in lieu of a stop bath, followed by a 5 minute wash in running water.

The 120 film is drying as I speak and the negatives look very good. White flowers with very nice tonality. I am glad I treated the film reasonably seriously as I am sure I have got some useful shots. BTW the film was kept in a camera bag.

I have to say that even though this has been a success, I just happened to have the components available and I would still consider it risky to use similar materials for something important. In a way it adds to the problem as there is now a quandry as to whether to use out of date materials, knowing that they could work.

I must check out those other camera bags !!