One of my favorites by one of my favorite artists. In the notes to this photo in the Wynne Bullock book in the Phaidon 55 series it states that he did not fabricate this scene. The following is the rest of the note to this picture.

"The woman was a waif who had been given shelter by the caretaker of a remote ranch in Big Sur. It was a favorite site for Bullock and he had become friends with her, occasionally giving her work as a model. Earlier in the day , Bullock had been shaken by a strong premonition that she would eventually be forced to give up her son. When she put him on the bed for a nap and then moved to the edge of the it, the premonition seemed to come to life before his eyes. It should also be noted that the book on the window sill that gives the photograph its title is a classic text on how to make one's way across dark waters."