At this point I am using a very primitive methods of book forming. One where the pages are folded and sewn, closer to the old Japanese style.. I have been printing on a double widths of the COT320 so there is an integral interleaving sheet. The other is the Bergger from my 'paper chase' (this paper turned out beautifully for high key detailed images), remounted and formed into an 'accordion' book that is a series of images of the surface of the sea.

Well, I have an Anthotype in the contact frame at this very moment.... I discovered that fixed out fibre based paper accepted the pigment beautifully and with several coatings a deep rich hue was possible..... I imagine the 'printing' will take some time as the pigment is very resistant... My fingers are dyed purple and nothing I have tried so far will remove it.

Cheers and thank you again for your help and interest in my 'projects'...