Well I've got them back...

I'm really impressed with the service. The details of the repairs as follows:

Canon A1 Complete service. This included replacing the light seals, mirror buffer, replaced corroded parts, reset meter, reset shutter speeds, lubricate mirror mechanism and modify the new battery door so that it fitted properly (door originally replaced by me). Total cost 88.93

Canon AE-1 Program complete service. This included reset of shutter speeds, replacement light seals, new mirror buffer and modification of new battery door, etc. Total cost 76.38

Canon FD 100mm F2.8. Aperture leaves stuck open. Oil had leaked onto the leaves. This apparently was a bit of a swine as oil had leaked from behind the rear lens element. The rear element took 20 minutes to remove as the as oil had caused a seal and a vacume had built up behind the lens. Total cost was 70.50

Canon FD 50mm F1.4 - I reported that the apertures were not always stopping down to F16 and below. He tested the lens and cleaned the rear elements. No Fault found (probably a fault with the camera). 0

General comments. Very impressed. To go to the extent of replacing a parts because they had corroded slightly and to modify the battery door so it fits "just so" shows a great attention to detail. Apparently the new seals don't degrade like the originals either. I've got another A1 that is considerably newer than the one I put into service, but the serviced one sounds 100% better. Lost all the tinny sound. The AE-1 Program sounds like a different camera. What can I say, I need to get the rest of my cameras into the shop over the coming months.

A very happy, if poor Brian