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If you like the square format of your Hassy, then the Rollei AF 6x6 camera may be of interest.
There was a time when my wife Dianna was interested in switching from Hasselblad, maybe getting an AF rig, and we did read a bit about the Rollei. Impressive camera. If memory serves, it's got the same market share in Europe that Hasselblads have in the US.

The main feature that sticks out in my memory is the really cool feature that you can pre-focus on a given distance, and when your subject gets to that distance, and in focus, the shutter trips. Obviously meant for brides and grooms coming down the aisle.

That reminds me of a neat trick with Canon autofocus, though I don't know if Nikon does it. I usually run with my autofocus moved to the (*) button on the back of the body. If I mash that down while I manually focus, the "in focus" indicator (at least in our 1N's) will light to indicate when I'm in focus.