How did you get on with your Sabattier prints ?
I struck lucky almost straight away (the first two attempts were of the coal in a dark cellar school) once I got the illumination level of the flashing lamp tamed by bouncing it off the ceiling.
I've attached a couple of the results, with the original straight print for reference. It's very grainy and covered in scratches because it's from the first ever roll of 8x11(mm) minox film I used. Interestingly the second attachment with the more subtle, less reversed, effect has magically removed alot of the grain and damage marks, although admittedly the midtone detail has also been lost.
I used normal Ilford multigrade RC paper exposed at grade 4 and normal Ilford universal multigrade developer at the box dilution. I used a 60w 'pearl' bulb desk lamp for the second print, the first more contrasty one used one of the blue 'daylight' bulbs. As usual scanning and low resolutions jpeg files have lost a lot of the magic from the real print - it has an almost metallic look to it.