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Jim, at no point did i say she 'had it coming' and i do not condone violence to express an opinion or to suppress others.
The people of this form are obviously educated and intelligent enough to express their views and listen to opposing argument without resorting to name calling or threats of violence which is great and as it should be. My point was trying to be this.


It is a world where a person gets stabbed to death for not indicating at a roundabout. It is a world where a person gets burned alive in the street because someone else doesn't understand the difference between a muslim and a sheik (and probably wouldn't have cared anyway) and it is a world where a gallery owner can get smacked in the face because some small minded neanderthal troll didn't like a picture she chose to display. We like to think we have freedom to express ourselves and voice our opinions but we have to accept that other people think differently.
This is of course wrong but standing up to this mentality will occasionally earn you a smack in the mouth. You either roll with it or you keep your head down.
Sparks, you are right that the world is not the ideal place many(most) of us would like it to be. But that does not excuse any of the actions you listed. She should be able to display a politically divisive image without getting assaulted. Just because the world sucks doesn't mean we need to hide from it, or accept getting assaulted. Maybe she should have a shotgun in the gallery and use it defend herself - it seems to be a method her detractors understand.

Francesco, I agree that it would be nice to see all to good that has come out of the US occupation of Iraq. But a gallery owner is not required to provide a balanced display.

I think what it comes down to for me is that we should fight censorship, whether it is by the government, or a group of private thugs. Neither is excusable.