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In many photographic magazines of around the 1960`s & 1970`s, there were often glamour/beauty portraits on the front covers taken by a photographer called Michael Barrington-Martin. The brief technical details for the photos would mention the use of an 8x10 inch format camera, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the photographer and which camera and lenses that he used?
When I worked for Ilford Limited in the 1970s, we would occasionally commission a well-known photographer to shoot pix for our campaigns. In the course of this work I met MB-M a couple of times. I did not see him operating a camera, by the 1970s he was shooting rollfilm. As he was a Brit, he should have used a Gandolfi for any 8x10" work! I was more struck by his apparent practice of very much mixing business with pleasure with regard to his models - he seemed to get a new one every couple of years who also became his live-in partner - presumably it was grounds for "divorce" when he ran out of angles to shoot the lady in question!