Photographers Formulary wishes all of APUG members, readers, sponsors,etc a Merry Christmas. Our gift to you this year is Free Freight from now thru December 31, 06. So it is your chance to get a load of that heavy liquid developer, TF4, Pounds of powders, kits of all kinds, actually anything we sell will be shipped free. Just go to our web site and get the details by downloading the newsletter. Of course there are a few but not many restrictions. Minimum order $50.00. We get to choose the freight carrier. Ground service only. See our web site.

FIY we got the annual letter today from UPS and FEDX giving us the details of this years rate increases. Isn't it amazing that both companies get their letters to the customer on the same day!!?? Anyway rates are increasing 4.5% to 11% depending on the service. Isn't it amazing that both companies raise the rates the same amount on the same services??

So go to the web site, download the newsletter, and stock up now.

Merry Christmas from the Formulary crew.