I've scanned my prints on a very simple 300 dpi UMAX 610P, with pretty accurate results. I always have to adjust levels (for brightness and contrast) after in PS Elements, and maybe a bit of unsharp mask, but other than that, it scans pretty well. I would think your Epson should be lightyears ahead of my old, cheap Umax. First of all, I scan as colour, and then I remove the colour in PS Elements. It seems to work better that way. I also scan at the scanner's maximum actual optical resolution (300dpi). That doesn't sound like much, compared to today's 4800dpi scanners, but a print is large enough that 300dpi scanning is more than enough to do the job. Even at that, I still have to downsize the image considerably to make it screen-sized. If you already have a print that looks the way you want it to look and you just want to display it like that, I don't think you would be gaining anything by going to the trouble of scanning the negative. Scanning the negative is more like making another print in the darkroom, rather than like displaying your print. But as others have said, it's important to make sure your monitor is displaying as good a range of tones as it can.