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I said, streets are built for cars. I didn't say streets were invented for cars. Duh!. So, my statement actually is entirely correct. I live in a 116 year old house. When it was built people rode horses down the street in front. I don't think it was paved to make life easier for horses, pedestrians, or photographers.
Actually, if you re-read your post you said "streets WERE made for cars". [emphasis added]

You used the past tense, Rob. And as such, your statement was inaccurate.

MHV's comments are totally on point - and it is interesting that Montreal and NYC have similar "vintages".

Oh, and as to paving. The first paved street in NYC was in lower Manhattan. It was paved in the 17th Century and was, and still is, called "Stone Street".

Oh, one other thing, please don't use the "duh" put-down thing. It's uncalled for and really insulting.