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Streets belong to cars. Deal with it.
Oh, say that again to the Critical Mass folks out there. You will get your butt kicked!

Anyway in Japan, which is very uncivilized for this matter, from next year, there will be new laws for the bicyclists to use the sidewalks instead of the regular car lanes. The bicyclists will still be permitted to ride on their bicycles on the sidewalks, which is pretty dangerous and something I never understand. I think more than enough pedestrians have died in the "bicycle" accidents already on the sidewalks, but the government doesn't recognize that as a serious problem.

Instead, the government thinks the car lanes are too dangerous for the bicyclists to go on. There are no bike lanes in the narrow streets in Japan because there's no enough space or whatever. But then, usually in big cities, there's not enough space in the sidewalks for the pedestrians, either! No one seems to argue about this.

When I walk around in the cities, I have problems with some people on their bikes on the sidewalks: When they try to pass me, I don't know which side to step off. When they are coming from behind, I simply cannot tell. They don't seem to have any rules or morals to practice, and I just don't want to get knocked over by some asshole on a bike when I'm out in the street taking some photos.

Streets are not just for cars!