We can limit the number of cards however you like, the 30-35 range seems popular, but I have no problem at all with it if you would like to print 12 or 24 - no worries here.

I agree about the threads, but at this time I have no ability to do any of that, but I think that it's a good idea. I'll at least start a new post listing the participants and asking everyone to post there once the round begins on the 1st of January.

Thanks for the suggestions, and again, if you want to print a dozen or so, it's fine by me. I know that round with 50 was a real bear to keep up with (for me anyway), but I think that this round will be more like that last with around 30-45 total. Just PM me with your mailing address and the max number of cards you would like to print and I'll handle it from there.

- Randy