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Some VERY interesting stuff going on here....keep it coming!

I'm a panorama shooter, almost exclusively in fact.......I know the subject well but always keen to learn more. That's what I find so interesting about photography in general......the more you learn, the more you find there IS to learn!

Photography's my job, 99% of my work is panoramic. I use film exclusively (apart from web design) and shoot mainly 60 and 70mm film. Believe me, digital is years away from replacing film for panoramas, even stitching can't compete with the speed and output quality of film.

In my home darkroom I enlarge colour and B&W negs up to 14 inches long with an enlarger I modified. I built an extra long roll easel for production printing panoramas, I regularly print 3 - 4 foot long panoramas in runs of up to 500 prints.

I'm on the web here www.bigshotz.co.nz

Clayton Tume