Once you try the metol only dev you will never go back, keep reading the Jolly manuscript , the two dev technique is what I use.
I really like Ilford warmtone with a grade two filter , it gives me a beautiful split , I am working with sepia for the highlight regions when toning and now using a iron blue for the shadows and mid tones.

Using Alexes beautiful image as a reference .
If you burned in the top section of the print Ie her face and upper torso the density would start going from dark to somewhat normal skin tone, as well in the initial exposure if you dodged the feet slightly the effect of solarization would be more pronounced.

When I am doing solarizations of people for example ,guys with long hair I will do a variation of what I described above.
One of the tricks is to make the viewer think the image is real but then introduce some funky element that confuses the scene.
below is a portrait that was used in a cd cover for some Texas rock band.
As well I have included an image for a show I printed called ACDC . this show is all about cross dressing where the dominant male subjects are in fact women and the female subjects are actually men.
Both these shots are not mine, Brian Helm shot the longhair guy, and Kevin Kelly shot the Cowboy and girlfriend.