Over the last X number of years on the 'net, I have captured many images of interest and inspiration.
Some have "enraptured" me. One in particular probably has had a definite effect on my vision - It is a PRIME example of a so-called "sin" being employed to produce art, in the best sense of the word. The sin is "blown highlights", a.k.a. "Halo" -- a result of definite and intense backlighting.

I have lost track of the photographer - neither can I remember - or even come close to remembering - the source.

I claim to be fairly familiar with the Copyright Laws - I don't think posting a copy of that image here on APUG - for the purpose of attempting to find and communicate with the photographer - or even for a discussion of the aesthetics of the image - would be a violation. I have absolutely NO desire to rip off the photographer - in any way, shape or form.

The title of the image is "MLoyola3.bmp". A Google search for "MLoyola" was of no help.

What about it, group? Anyone know of "MLoyola" - and would posting the image be permissable?