Wish I could answer your question but I have no expererience at all in using pin registration systems with vacuum frames. Maybe someone else can offer some advice.


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Hi Sandy:

The unit hasn't arrived yet, but I was wondering about pin registration and the ULF-28.

I have a Condit 8x10 punch and a brass strip with the pins on it that match the punch. I wonder if it would be possible to place the brass strip (face down so that the pins are facing down away from the glass) inside the vaccum frame and place punched negatives and masks on the strip while printing?

I have a Condit contact frame packed away somewhere and I believe the pins are glued to the surface of the glass and the surface onto which the paper and negatives\masks are placed is a little spongy.

Do you think I'll be able to do this with the ULF-28? I think pin registration was one thing that maybe wasn't considered in the units' design, was it? I anticipate that masking for contrast control may be a big part of printing my 12x20 negatives.