I make emulsions in batches as small as 120 ml which contain 5 grams of silver nitrate. At the rate of 12 ml / 8x10, this allows me to make and use the emulsion at one time and get 10 sheets of paper for printing.

I don't usually remelt as that is not a good idea. I use a spatula or spoon and rubber gloves to remove what I need when I need it. Remelting adds fog to the emulsion. Each remelting is like restarting the digestion.

In fact, with one emulsion and addenda combination that I coated as a double batch, I could see the results change from coating #1 to coating #18. It was slight and gradual, but since I run a step wedge with all prints I could see the change. The emulsion was slowly changing at the coating temperature.

I am scheduled to give a workshop in Montana in June, if that is any help to you.