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I don't usually remelt as that is not a good idea. I use a spatula or spoon and rubber gloves to remove what I need when I need it. Remelting adds fog to the emulsion. Each remelting is like restarting the digestion.
then I believe that remelting killed my emulsion

my initial assumption that an unwashed homemade emulsion could be remelted was probably a mistake

I wonder then why factory made emulsions can be remelted a large amount of times without visible deterioration... For example Foma sells bottles of 1 kg of emulsion and that goes a long way... Before it's finished I have melted and remelted the same emulsion a few dozen times (also considering that two coatings are required with Foma)...

My emulsion too required two coatings to deliver a good print. With a single coating the dmax was too low.

I am scheduled to give a workshop in Montana in June, if that is any help to you.
nice, too bad I live thousands miles away
you should also make a live video conference, while you're there...

there's a lot of nice old printing workshops in the US and there's very few in Europe... If I win the lottery I would spend years traveling from a workshop to another and learn everything...