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Do you mean his Amidol formula for contact printing on AZO or the one he suggests for enlarging papers?

I've developed contact prints on both Azo and Kentona from the same negative in the same batch of MAS contact printing formula Amidol using the Amidol from the recent Chinese bulk purchase. I also developed both papers (again using the same negative) in Amidol from Artcraft, again using Michael Smith's contact printing formula. We used either 4 or 8 ccs bromide (I can't remember which was which) per liter in these Amidol working solutions.

The results were beautiful for both papers and for both sources of Amidol. The image color of Kentona was superior to my eye. But in any case, the answer to your question is that the contact printing formula works fine for Kentona.

I would be hesitant to even try the enlarging formula because the benzotriazole might really screw up the beautiful color you get with Kentona.