Hi Clayton, will send you an email this weekend

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Sean.....email me your address and I'll post a few prints to you, you can return the favour sometime.

Today reading through the forum I discovered you were the proud owner of the giant enlarger from Tauranga.....well I seriously considered buying it but lucky for you there were too many obstacles in the way for me to make the deal work. Great to see you bought it, are you using it?

Around the same time I found a De Vere 8x10 vertical enlarger with colour head for a good price so jumped on it. It came from Auckland so like you I had a big freight bill to pay. I ended up spending a lot more than I paid for it getting it running but the effort was worth it. I shoot some 8x10 but tend to crop the format down to 4x10 or less.

Are there many LF shooters up your way?

There are a number of 8x10 shooters down here!