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You are more than welcome to give a visit at : http://ulf.janvanhove.com , and also very welcome to give comments and submit contributions to the site.

I look forward to hearing from you

Patrick Jan Van Hove
Hi Patrick,

I have visited the site several times. Thanks for your work in developing this site. The pictures of the big cameras in particular really show that ULF photography is a reality and not just something a bunch of fringe folks are talking about. Also, it would be nice to have a gallery with pictures of folks actually using these cameas in the field. My friend Sam Wang made this absolutely wonderul 360 degree panoramic shot of me working in the middle of the Chatooga River (northern divide South Carolina/Georgia) with an old 7X17 Korona that captures the magic of ULF work as well as anything I have seen, and another nice image of me working with my home made 20X24" cameras. I am sure that others could contribute interesting images of actual field work with ULF cameras.

The lens section needs some work because the coverage data provided for various lenses is not really very indicative of their true coverage with ULF work where the final product is usually a contact print. Many of the most popular lens many of use for ULF work in 7X17, 8X20 and 12X20 size are not even listed. Instead of the type of compilation of data from lens manufacturers it would better in my opinion to solicit opionions from ULF users regarding the lense they actually use. This practical information would be very useful for folks thinking of getting involved in ULF.

But I don't want to sound critical. I really apprciate your efforts in making the ULF site a reality and just wanted to offer an idea or two that might make it more excitiing.

Sandy King