I can only agree with the photo engineer! The coating machines is not the type of machines you go into the supermarket and just lift it down from the self! They are very special machines and custom built directly for the manufacturer. I would think that they are some very secret blueprints too!

I mean just try Rochester and ask if you can copy their machines! What would be an answer do you think? Also companies involved to build those coating plants probably have agreement on secrecy too! Also you should just think about how much it would cost to built one as probably in today’s standard would be very sophisticated too not like older machines which I have seen! An order like this must be a massive enginering with massive costs.
As if my information is correct J&C never did any coating they are in the re-labelling industry and that is very far from coating films in any sense! There is no technical known how and only a few people in the world would manage it! They buy films from probably Forte and put their label on it! The film is technically speaking is very similar! They have never produced as much as one sheet film! Noticeable is that if you scratch on the surface you just might find out that many children have one father!!!

Just think the company would like to have as I heard your money in advance and you got to wait long time to delivery in some film sizes! It seems that time goes to collecting a large order together and some time goes to shipping and waiting for delivery from somewhere else as it’s the case from Europe!

Also it’s good to spread false information that you are better than others as there is many “re- labelling manufacturers” of film in the ever smaller market! To invest on coating film today in my point of you would be that you signing your death warrant in any cases!

I can think of the scenario that J&C come by an old machine somehow but operating this is far from turn the switch on!