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I'm shure you talking about some so called hand made pappers but surely I wouldn't bother using it in the photographic process!
I do coating pappers myself but than it's never handmade or papper comes out of primitive processes!
I mean just think about what one sheet of papper going throught in just lets say in Gum printing!
No, I'm not talking about hand made papers at all. I'm talking about specialty papers that are made specifically for special applications and are sold in the marketplace commercially worldwide. One machine I saw, for instance, produces paper at 900 feet per minute - hardly a primitive process.

You're right that these are not papers to use in the photographic process, but they are critically made to perform in a special market. My point is that specialized products can be manufactured to exacting standards by small companies. Whether the manufacture of photographic products could be economically viable, I don't know. As Ron points out, there are lots of film and paper sizes. Again, not easy, but possible with good engineering.