I was thinking we could open up a thread just to discuss what is in the portfolio once it gets going.

The portfolio holds about twenty mounted, matted prints on 4-ply board, plus there are a couple of pockets inside. So far there are 16 participants, and I don't know how many will be mounting their work (I am), so I don't know how much room there will be to squeeze a camera in, but I bet we can figure out something.

One thing to consider is that if everyone mounts their prints to a uniform standard, that would make it easier to have some sort of exhibition as the portfolio makes the rounds, but maybe it is best to leave that for the future, once we're sure this project really works.

The portfolio is a Tenba Port Ship 1114--


which seemed like the best compromise in terms of light weight (to keep postage costs reasonable), ruggedness, and ease of use (shippable without requiring a box). I bought it at B&H for about $115 including tax. Light Impressions also sells a standard art shipping case custom sized to hold an 11x14" archive box, but it's heavier than the Tenba and has loose straps that could get caught during shipping.