By Noah Huber - 05:07 AM, 08-13-2005 Rating: None
Tim - did you get your step wedge here in AZ? if so, where?
Also - couldnt I use a negative as a step wedge. . .. lemme splain - a negative of a stepwedge, is a stepwedge... right? assuming that there is no loss of density at either the high or low end of the scales.. cant the neg made from a step wedge be used as a stepwedge as well ? The steps, no matter the exposure (assuming all the steps are present) will still be 1/2 stops. . . . right?

By JeffD - 05:03 AM, 09-28-2005 Rating: None
Noah, the steps won't be exactly 1/2 steps a part do to film toe
and shoulder. the negative you get, though, when plotted on a curve, will show you what your toe and shoulder and general curve shape will look like, and also, hopefully, what you film speed is.