For those who have never tried tube development, this is a short read on how to make them. Cost is about $5.00 per tube, once a 10' length of drain line is bought. Time is about 5 minutes each, once tubes are cut to length.

Materials: 1 - 6" length of 1 1/2" ABS drain line from plumbing supply or Home Delay
1 - 1 1/2" cap (flat bottom is easier to use than round type as tube stands up)
1 - 1 1/2" female threaded adapter
1 - 1 1/2" screw plug
1 - 4" x 6" fiberglass screen
1 - Small can of ABS cement

Cut a length of 1 1/2" ABS tube into 6" lengths (cost is about $5.00). I use a table saw with a carbide blade. You could use a hand saw or chop box, but even cuts make the job quick and easy. De-burr the inside and outside edges with sandpaper or a half round file, no sharp edges.

Glue a cap on one end. Use just enough adhesive to cover the end of the pipe, but not enough to run around and drip. Work on newspaper to avoid a mess.

Glue a female adapter on the other end of each tube and let it all dry so the glue is hard.

Cut fiberglass screen material so the actual size is 4x5 with a tab 1" long sticking out of one side in the center. I just fold the screen in half and use sharp scissors to do the trim.

To use these tubes, load a film rolled in the screen in the dark, then add enough water for some presoaking, this helps with even development. Place tube in a tub of water at correct temperature and spin it a few times.

Mix developer and pre-measure correct amount for tube (I use 100ml of pyrocat per sheet with my system). Turn out lights, dump presoak, add developer, screw on lid and start timer.

Lights back on and spin tube gently for entire time. Lights out, dump developer and add stop. Dump stop and add fixer.

Lights on and fix for correct time, dump and remove sheet by pulling tab on the screen. Into wash and you're done.

Once you start using this method, you won't want to go back to trays. tim