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By BarrieB - 04:43 AM, 02-24-2005 Rating: None
Question, I have heard of PVC tube, What is ABS ? Is it always black ? What is the 'Wall' thickness ? Cheers Barrie B. Australia.

By noseoil - 02:25 PM, 02-24-2005 Rating: None
Barrie, ABS is the generic name in the U.S. for drain lines used in residential & commercial plumbing. It is always black. The I.D. of this tube is about 120mm and wall thickness is about 2.5 or 3mm.
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By BarrieB - 09:13 PM, 03-29-2005 Rating: None
Thanks, Drain pipe in Australia is 'White' and is semi-transparent. I shall have to look out for that ' Black' ABS material and see where it is used. ( Irrigation pipes used in agriculture is black ) Cheers .

By noseoil - 03:46 PM, 03-30-2005 Rating: None
Barrie, if you get a chance, pleas let us know what you find for a similar product in oz, brand name, manufacturer, etc. Thanks, tim

By titrisol - 04:20 PM, 03-30-2005 Rating: None
ABS is the name of the polymer [Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene]
ABS is harder, more resiatnt to breakage, and has a nice shine to it.

By nsmith01tx - 03:16 AM, 04-01-2005 Rating: None
Does it make sense that this same setup would work just as well for 2x3 sheet film?
Seems as tho the only adjustment would be cutting the screen to fit 2x3 ... and I guess the pipe wouldn't need to be as long.

By noseoil - 09:59 PM, 04-01-2005 Rating: None
2x3 or whatever size you need. Just make sure the tubes don't pass light. tim

By blackdogphoto - 05:34 AM, 04-13-2005 Rating: None
Does the screen scratch the negitive at all? and changing chems still is done in the dark right?

By noseoil - 09:20 PM, 04-18-2005 Rating: None
Make sure the screen is slightly larger than the film size. If not, the screen can pull out and leave the film behind with scratches on the backing side.
Chemicals done in the dark.

By mikepry - 02:10 AM, 04-22-2005 Rating: None
ABS is not the easiest to find in some areas of the country. An option is to buy some Krylon "Fusion" spray paint and paint them black. It is made for plastic and works really well. If your doing more than one tube at a time, try getting a tub with a lid and large enough to hold 4-5 tubes and put in enough stop bath to cover all of your tubes. Then when developer is done, simply empty the used dev. and plunge the tube into the tub of stop bath and it can stay till the others go in. This also can be done under a safelight or DIM room light if you get it in the tub in a few seconds. Don't dilly dally here. Then unload and into a tray of fixer (safelight is okay at this point) and voila. The tub is then covered till the next dev. session and no fumes and stop bath is cheap enough to mix in large quantities. My tub was bought at Wal Fart for about 6 bucks. It is around 20" long 8" wide and 8" high or deep.